Refinitiv Data Platform Library for TypeScript



Refinitiv Data Libraries are easy-to-use software libraries providing developers with access to the data services of Refinitiv. These libraries and APIs are designed to provide consistent and easy access to the platform through its different access points, and span several programming languages that target both professional developers and financial coders. Refinitiv Data Libraries allow you to access Refinitiv data from the desktop, through local streaming services, or directly to the cloud using your preferred programming language.

Refinitiv Data Libraries are available for Python, TypeScript or JavaScript and .NET languages in the following libraries:

  • Refinitiv Data Library for Python
  • Refinitiv Data Library for TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Refinitiv Data Library for .NET (Community-owned edition).

Refinitiv Data Libraries

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To learn more about the Refinitiv Data Libraries, you should connect to the Refinitiv Developer Community. Register and log in to the Refinitiv Developer Community portal, for free access to a variety of learning materials like quick start guides, tutorials, user documentation and much more.

Help and Support

If you have any questions regarding the API usage, you may post them on the Refinitiv Data Q&A Forum.